Looking back on HMI 2018

HMI 18: The Market is Ready!

After the Hannover Messe 2018, the Software Factory gained a range of useful insights about the IT sector. After speaking with individuals at the trade fair, it became evident that there has been a significant shift in the traditional industry as big data, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are now crucial for future advancement. This shift away from convention is also seen in the field of mechanical engineering, in which both digitalisation und interconnectedness are playing increasingly important roles.

In terms of the size of businesses who were interested in IoT, small and medium sized business made up the majority. This differed significantly from previous years as larger businesses were predominanty involved in the area of IoT. Topics that were raised frequently by the small and medium sized businesses were the transparency of production being a top business need, systems engineering and model-based engineering.

If you have questions about the findings or the trade fair in general, then you can contact the following personnel to gain a deeper understanding:

Dr.Andreas Gallasch (Gallasch@sf.com)  : IoT, Industrie 4.0, AR/VR

Oliver Heinrich (Heinrich@sf.com): ALM

Evelin Arian (Arian@sf.com): CAD/CAM

Luise Babl (babl@sf.com): Press contact

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