SF-Azubis become „Digiscouts“!

The new project “Trainees as Digiscouts”, which was launched by the IHK Oberbayern and the Rationalisierung- und Innovationszentrum der Wirtschaft e.V. (RKW), aims to not only support companies in digitizing internal processes but also to make dual training more attractive.

As part of this trainee project, our trainees and digiscouts Jozefina and Niklas set out to find a process in our company which we can digitize.

During the 6 months of the project the two of them created a great concept for the digitization of our room allocation plan. On a centrally placed tablet the occupancy of the different meeting rooms can now be viewed clearly and accessible to every colleague. For this purpose our 2 digiscouts created an individual software based on the IIoT platform PTC ThingWorx, which was linked to our appointment calendar. This now avoids ambiguities, double occupancy and long arrangements between colleagues. All meetings can take place as planned.

We are proud of the results our trainees have achieved in this project and we are delighted that this internal process has been improved! Thank you very much, Jozefina and Niklas!