SF Success at ITQ Makeathon

Last week from the 20th to the 23rd of February, the ITQ Makeathon took place at Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. Over the course of the event, participants were tasked with inventing their very own product in interdisciplinary teams.

Software Factory and Technikum Wien took on the challenge by creating a robot possessing two use cases. The first use case was for the robot to successfully recognise and collect bottles itself. Use case number two was for it to store the data from the bottles in the IoT system, ThingWorx.

The team members worked on the project vigorously over the three days, covering all necessary facets in order to execute the project soundly. By the end of the week, the robot could search and identify bottles as well as drive up to them, grab them and drop them off at a trash can. The robot was also equipped with temperature, humidity and potential-obstacle sensors. On the Edge-System ran the Python program, which read the collected data and transformed it in order for it to be compatible with ThingWorx. The ThingWorx system was then able to aggregate the data in tables and graphs, providing a clear and visual overview of the operations.

The Software Factory would like to the thank the Technikum Wien as well as the organizers of the ITQ Makeathon for the insightful experience!