SF Webinar: Augmented Reality (AR) for Business: Marketing & Vertrieb

March 16th, 2022


In our first Webinar of the series: Augmented Reality (AR) for Business on March 16th, 2022, you´ll learn about the possibilities AR solutions offer in the area of Marketing & Sales and how they can be used profitably. Shorten your sales cycles, reduce the costs of marketing and sales logistics, and at the same time offer your customers an immersive product experience thanks to digitization. The ease of implementing AR applications also allows you to see the impact on sales almost immediately.

You will receive interesting insights into already successfully implemented customer projects, as well as exciting product demonstrations in an illustrative Holodecktour live from the ARtelier in Ratingen, in which PTC collaborates with customers to create Augmented Reality Experiences and exhibit them to visitors. We invite you to the virtual tour!

Experience first-hand the advantages that Augmented Reality provides for your company and how it sustainably support you in your digital transformation! Register directly for our free webinar and be part of it:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) for Business: Marketing & Sales (60 min)
    Wednesday, 16.03.2022 at 10 a.m. CET

Why you should participate? It’s not just the thought of always being able to work remotely thanks to digitized content, but also the daily challenges that companies have to deal with that determine the shift towards digitization.
In addition to increasing cost efficiency and profitability and reducing downtime, it is also important to close potential skill gaps between new and departing employees. But transparency through visualizations of digitized machines is also a decisive factor in bringing digitization into the company in the form of Augmented Reality:

  • interactive, step-by-step work instructions are provided.
  • new employees are trained quickly and cost-effectively, thanks to the uncomplicated transfer of knowledge from departing colleagues.
  • unexpected machine downtimes and maintenance times are minimized.
  • sales cycles are shortened through better customer understanding.

Learn more about our Webinars on Augmented Reality (AR) for Business and don’t miss this unique opportunity! Register directly for our free webinars!

The events will take place in german and virtual.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

P.S.: Curious about what awaits you? Take a first look at the ARtelier in Ratingen right here!

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