Our Toolkit Training for PTC Creo Parametric

Take the chance and register now for our Creo Toolkit and Creo Object Toolkit OTK (C/C++) Training for PTC Creo Parametric from November 23rd – 27th, 2020. We also offer our trainings webbased.

Creo Toolkit (C) and Object Toolkit OTK (C++) are paid and the most comprehensive and powerful programming interfaces for customizing, expanding and automating Creo. The Creo Toolkits can also be used to extend ModelCHECK´s test criteria.

Learn more about the following contents in our training:

  • Overview and differences between the Creo APIs
  • Installation and configuration Toolkit/OTK
  • Java basics (optional)
  • Working with CAD models
  • Analysis of components (design elements and geometry)
  • Assemblies
  • Parameters and dimensions
  • Creating and modifying components and assemblies
  • Drawings

Prerequisites for participation are knowledge of Creo and basic knowledge of programming an object-oriented language, ideallly C++.

Duration: 5 days

Cost: Upon request

Be there and send us your request directly!

We´re looking forward to your participation!