Vuforia Chalk

Remote assistance tools became more valuable than ever in 2020. But remote and distributed work will continue to play a big role in the new year and in the future. Augmented reality (AR) solutions like Vuforia Chalk offer the opportunity to adapt without losing productivity.

Vuforia Chalk is the AR-enabled remote assistance tool from our software partner PTC that allows employees in different locations around the world to collaborate via shared real-time view of their physical environment. Through quick demos and direct connection, technical issues can be discussed directly and in real time. Solutions can be found efficiently. Any mobile device can be used for this purpose. With Vuforia Chalk you save time, travel costs and simplify your virtual collaboration.

Henkel also already implemented the AR tool Vuforia Chalk in more than 30 plants worldwide. In this way, they promote sharing among their employees even during the Corona Pandemic. See here how Vuforia Chalk makes virtual collaboration at Henkel more efficient.

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