Software Factory develops custom-built, requirements-oriented, high-performance software solutions and products for large and midsize-to-large companies. Our customers include companies from the automotive and mechanical and plant engineering sectors, other branches of industry and public institutions. BMW, Bosch, Siemens, TRW Airbag Systems, TÜV and many other companies place their trust in Software Factory’s software solutions and outstanding quality. 


Thomas Trägler

“We founded Software Factory 25 years ago and have been continuously expanding it ever since. Since then, I’ve been fulfilling my mission of optimizing processes in industry, and it still gives me enormous pleasure. However, it takes courage to tread new paths. That’s why digitalization and Industry 4.0 have become the focal point of our activity.

Despite the international networking and the constant growth of our company, I can still give full rein to my passion for technology. I am not only happy to pass on my know-how to our employees but am also involved in a number of research projects.

And if there is any time left over, I love to lose myself in trade journals or sailing magazines. I recharge my batteries by sailing in the summer and skiing with friends in the winter.”

Andreas Gallasch

“Digitalization and customer-orientation are my passion. Digitalization has fascinated me ever since I was at school. Even during my mechanical engineering studies, one thing was clear to me: Mechanical engineering and IT must go hand-in-hand.
As an industry consultant, I’ve been able to gain enormous experience and knowledge of digitalization, customer orientation and the software industry, which I’m now able to contribute purposefully and productively to Software Factory. One of my greatest motivations is to carry on building bridges between the engineering sciences and the IT world and drive new market trends forward.

As the father of three children, one of my personal desires is to make our society fit for the future. As an active MINT (Mathematics, IT, Natural Sciences and Technology) ambassador, I’m committed to awakening even more enthusiasm for digitalization.”


Rainer Stetter

“When we founded Software Factory in 1992, none of us dreamed that software would become so vitally important in both the private and professional worlds. Our constant growth shows that we were absolutely right in our decision to “manufacture” software professionally and bring quality to IT.

Thanks to my own background, I know how important a good education is in order to ensure a good life in which you can make your own choices. That is why for years, one of my greatest wishes has been to help young people and support them in their education.

Unfortunately, these responsibilities, which I also perform for other companies, don’t leave me much time to torture myself climbing hills on my bicycle or get out and boogie on the dance floor. But because my job is a true vocation for me, I can live with that.”

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