PTC Creo Customization and Design Automation with Toolkit


Industry 4.0 needs new capabilities and methods to improve the workflows within the product development process. Smart Engineering and the complete digital definition of the product model require an economical and beneficial optimization of CAD-CAM processes with Model Based Definition (MBD), Model Based Enterprise (MBE), and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

With the help of Software Factory, you can work more efficiently and productively with the Creo and Windchill platforms. With 27 years experience as a PTC Software Partner, we have the expertise to automate your product design with Creo Toolkit, making it more flexible, faster and more efficient.

What are the Capabilities of the Creo Toolkit APIs?

  • Reduction of repetitive and / or complex tasks
  • Automation and optimization of product development with company-specific product and process knowledge (Knowledge-Based Engineering KBE)
  • Time-saving and error reduction of repetitive tasks
  • Competitive advantages
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in engineering
  • Customer- or industry-specific functional extensions
  • Feature enhancements and automated repair for ModelCHECK
  • Interfaces to and from third-party systems
  • Customization of the UI and User Experience UX

SF ColorCoding – A MBD add-on for Creo created with Toolkit

What Services Do We Offer for Creo Toolkit?

  • Development and maintenance of Creo applications such as Toolkit, Object Toolkit OTK, Web Link and J-Link
  • Takeover, maintenance and further development of existing toolkit applications
  • Development projects of various sizes – from small to very large
  • Porting of Pro/DEVELOP applications
  • Integration of AR / VR with Vuforia Studio in the development process
  • Extension of the Navigate Apps
  • Digital Twin

Additionally, we are offering multiple appointments for one-week long trainings and workshops for developers throughout the year.

Numerous customers already rely on our experience with the development with PTC Creo Toolkit and have optimized their processes from it.

Our Creo Toolkit Projects

Automotive – OEM

  • Creo Toolkit Extensions for the Creo environment of the OEM and all of its suppliers
  • Extensions of ModelCHECK test functions and automatic repair functions
  • Shape exchange for drawings
  • Incorporation of material databases in Creo for metals and plastics with search functions and assignment of material characteristics to Creo parameters
  • Create hole tables in drawings
  • Integration in the OEM-specific Creo application environment and UX

Medical – Manufacturer of Artificial Knee Joints and Navigation Software for the Operating Room

  • Creo Toolkit application for the export of the geometry information of artificial knee joints for the operation planning and execution via the navigation system in the OP (Computer Aided Surgery)
  • Definition and management of the compatibility of different sizes of different components
  • Digital requirements management with verification and validation of the component geometry against the specification directly in Creo (eSpec)

Energy Technology – Manufacturer of Transformers

  • Creo Toolkit application for the design of busbars
  • Creo Toolkit application for fully customized piping and cabling
  • Creo Toolkit application for product configuration of the transformers
  • Creo Toolkit application for the automated creation of single part and assembly drawings for transformers
PTC Creo Toolkit Busbar

PTC Creo Toolkit Application Busbar

Transportation – Brake Manufacturer

  • Checking assemblies for compliance with fire safety standards
  • Checking of combustible parts for the compliance of minimum distances
  • Documentation and export of the test results

Agricultural Sector – Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer

  • Motion simulation of assemblies
  • Calculation and visualization of the envelope geometry of the movement space

Electronics – Optics Manufacturer

  • Interface from ZemaxOpticStudio to PTC Creo
  • Automated creation of Creo models and assemblies from Zemax data
  • UX for entering additional information
  • Creating data sheets

If you have any questions regarding our software and services, feel free to call us or to contact us here.