Industrial Augmented Reality

Software Factory – The EXPERTS for AR/VR

Smart engineering, agile development methods and the complete digital definition of the product model enable a new user experience across the entire product life cycle with augmented and mixed reality. This offers companies from various industries and their customers fantastic new opportunities, from smart engineering through smart manufacturing to smart service and assistance.

Vuforia Studio
Augmented Reality for Businesses

With PTC’s Vuforia Studio, you can easily create and publish scalable AR experiences that transform manufacturing, service, and training processes without much complication.

Vuforia Chalk
Real-Time Expert Guide

Vuforia Chalk is an Augmented Reality app that enables immediate collaboration between experts and field technicians. It solves complex problems, maximizes equipment uptime, facilitates on-the-job training and enhances technicians’ expertise when needed.

Vuforia Expert Capture
Expert knowledge for all employees using Augmented Reality

The continuous SaaS Augmented Reality Solution Vuforia Expert Capture makes frontline work more efficient. It enables companies to capture the knowledge of experts and leverage 3D CAD to easily create, deliver, and scale interactive work instructions and AI-enhanced inspection.

Vuforia Engine
Artificial intelligence as the basis for augmented reality

With Vuforia Engine PTC offers an advanced development toolkit for the development of augmented reality applications. At the heart of all AR applications, the Vuforia Engine offers a computer vision of the highest precision and robustness, making it the boss of the app. Thanks to its deep learning functionality, the engine is also able to capture several different model targets from different angles – with and without AR markers. Developers can use the engine in both existing as well as new apps for their AR applications, taking advantage of the engine’s high compatibility. As a result of the aforementioned capabilities, Vuforia can handle a variety of platforms – from smartphones and tablets to AR headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens. This flexibility makes Vuforia the leading AR engine in the app stores with over 60% market share.

Vuforia offers

  • Highest accuracy for robust and accurate AR experiences in a variety of environments
  • Creative possibilities for individually developed applications
  • Maximum reach by supporting all leading platforms
  • Advanced technology with dynamic object recognition and image perception for high flexibility

Do you have questions about the Vuforia Engine? Our experts are happy to help!

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Buyer´s Guide
for industrial Augmented Reality

PTC’s Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Augmented Reality (AR) is a guide to help you in the planning process of your AR solutions and introduces the different Vuforia product solutions.

With us you have the possibility to download the AR Buyer’s Guide for free!

How Augmented Reality Transforms Workforce Training

In the eBook “Augmented Reality Transforms Workforce Training” you will learn why AR solutions deliver better training results and also get insights into successfully implemented solutions from practice.

Download the eBook for free here!

iQ3 Connect
On demand VR Collaboration for Engineering & Training

iQ3Connect is a cloud-enabled, virtual reality collaboration platform empowering individuals and teams anywhere in the world to collaborate in a real-time 3D meeting space to visualize and interact with complex product data, including CAD, point clouds, and simulation results.

iQ3Connect is a product of our partner iQ3.

Software Factory is also a system supplier for Augmented Reality (AR) and delivers complete systems consisting of innovative solutions such as Realware Navigator 500 or HMT1 and Vuforia Expert Capture or Vuforia Chalk for the digital transformation in your company! Please contact us directly for further information!