In the age of Industry 4.0, software and IT have become omnipresent and, from the technological point of view, exceptionally varied. The multifaceted technologies involved bring with them very different requirements in terms of the way projects are to be handled and the most effective way of interacting with customers.

Together with our affiliate ITQ GmbH, we can offer our customers an integrated, all-round approach to meeting their own specific needs and guarantee that all aspects of modern software and systems engineering will be taken into account.


ITQ is an expert partner in the field of mechatronics for the mechanical and plant engineering industry. As an independent service provider, ITQ has been working in the field of mechatronic engineering and interdisciplinary project management for almost 20 years. At the technological level, ITQ primarily focuses on machine software and automation technology. The team also helps customers introduce systematic software engineering processes. If functioning software engineering processes are to become established in mechanical engineering environments, the development methodology and tools used must be specially adapted to meet requirements and projects must be handled in line with modern systems engineering principles.