SF Distance Check – Fast Distance Check for PTC Creo

SF Distance Check checks in 3D space for a specified minimum distance between selected components in assemblies and visualizes the areas that violate the specified minimum distance. At the touch of a button, the check results are documented graphically, numerically and in text form in a PDF report. Optimize your design process and increase the efficiency of your product development.

When developing mechatronic products in particular, it is necessary to continuously check for possible electromechanical collisions during the development process. If the required distance conditions between electromechanical components are not observed in the mechanical design, this can result in extensive and costly changes.

SF Distance Check allows a quick, early and step-by-step check of the distance conditions in the design process.

Which objects can SF Distance Check check?

  • Component/assembly to component/assembly
  • Component/assembly to housing

SF Distance Check functions

  • Configuration of the distance rules
  • Definition of the objects to be checked
  • Graphic visualization of the check results in 3D
  • Numerical and textual overview of results
  • Automatic creation of a PDF report to document the test results of the distance check

With SF Distance Check for PTC Creo, you can optimize your design process and increase the efficiency of your team. Simplify your work with parametric models and maximize your productivity.

SF Distance Check in PTC Creo – Test results of the distance check

PTC Creo Distance Check

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