Vuforia Expert Capture

Expert knowledge for all employees using Augmented Reality

The continuous SaaS Augmented Reality Solution Vuforia Expert Capture makes frontline work more efficient. It enables companies to capture the knowledge of experts and leverage 3D CAD to easily create, deliver, and scale interactive work instructions and AI-enhanced inspection.

Why Vuforia Expert Capture?

In conjunction with the digital transformation, the skills shortage is currently a major challenge in many industries. With the departure of long-standing employees poses a threat to their company as their valuable knowledge also parts. Furthermore, companies have to assimilate and train new employees. With Vuforia Expert Capture, PTC provides an easy-to-use SaaS AR solution designed to make frontline work more efficient. Vuforia Expert Capture enables companies to capture the knowledge of experts and leverage 3D CAD to easily create, deliver, and scale interactive work instructions and AI-enhanced inspection.


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What are the benefits of SaaS AR with Vuforia Expert Capture?

Vuforia Expert Capture offers a collaborative and easy-to-learn SaaS AR user interface to capture knowledge, build AI-enhanced inspection guides, and share it with workers.

  • Fast, easy authoring: Vuforia Expert Capture´s collaborative and secure SaaS workspace is accessible anytime, anywhere. It allows authors to easily create AR work instructions and AI-enhanced inspection procedures by leveraging expert knowledge, images, and 3D content.
  • AI-enhanced visual inspection: The AI-enhanced visual inspection capability, Step Check, improves efficiency and accuracy through automatic recognition of pass or fail states displayed clearly in AR.
  • Management and distribution: The Distribution center allows managers and administrators to manage distribution lists, permissions, and published procedures, making it easy to get the right instructions to the right employees.
  • Knowledge sharing: The delivery application, Vuforia Vantage, enables employees to get access to expert knowledge in the form of in-context step-by-step instructions. User access to these procedures is granted based on their permissions.
  • Integrated Reporting and Analysis: Vuforia Insights enables key stakeholders to track executed procedures and view usage, critical quality issues, or inconsistencies from the factory or the field to improve products or processes.

Step Check: AI-enhanced visual inspection

Performing quality inspections is one of the most difficult and crucial processes in manufacturing. Checking hundreds of different products or parts with just the naked eye, within a single shift, can be exhausting – which leaves room for error.

To make inspections more efficient and improve accuracy, PTC developed Step Check – Vuforia´s visual inspection capability powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the computer vision (CV) technology. With Step Check´s AI-powered pass or fail alerts displayed clearly in AR, inspections are done right the first time – improving your quality and customer satisfaction.

Experience the possibilities of Step Check in the demo!


Download the Vuforia Expert Capture Product Brief from PTC here.


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