Vuforia Expert Capture

Expert knowledge for all employees using Augmented Reality

The continuous Augmented Reality Solution Vuforia Expert Capture simplifies the transfer of knowledge within your company. Without requiring CAD data, existing assets or programing employees can create own AR manuals to share their expertise.

Why Vuforia Expert Capture?

In conjunction with the digital transformation, the skills shortage is currently a major challenge in many industries. With the departure of long-standing employees poses a threat to their company as their valuable knowledge also parts. Furthermore, companies have to assimilate and train new employees. With Vuforia Expert Capture, PTC provides an end-to-end AR solution that allows your company’s experts to share their knowledge with other employees, who can sometimes be less qualified.

Vuforia Expert Capture can be used anywhere where:

  • There are no pre-existing assets for the step-by-step instructions
  • Work and training materials in good quality are missing
  • Relevant CAD data is not available
  • High security and compliance rules exist

What are the benefits of using Vuforia Expert Capture?

  • Accelerate content creation: Without the need for CAD data, your experts can create AR manuals. Using AR devices such as RealWear or HoloLens in conjunction with the Vuforia Capture app, this is even possible hands-free. Guides recorded with Vuforia Capture can also be exported to Microsoft Word documents for comprehensive documentation.
  • Easy knowledge transfer: Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions help make new people fit for the job faster and provide important knowledge across the enterprise. Templates in this process further simplify the formatting and publishing of content.
  • Spatial orientation: When creating the content, work steps can be linked to specific positions and objects that are required to complete the tasks, making orientation even easier for the user.
  • Easy to spread: Compatibility with a large number of devices – from tablets to HoloLens – simplifies access to training content for employees.
  • Capture, Enhance, Scale: In the web-based Vuforia Editor, post-creation and pre-distribution tutorials can be further enhanced with just a few simple steps.

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Download the Vuforia Expert Capture Product Brief from PTC here.


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