IoT Platform ATLAS x2x

Development of individual and quickly available IoT solutions

ATLAS x2x is the fastest available, license-free IoT platform for tailor-made solutions within various industries.

The independent platform from Atlastech is an essential component of your digital transformation. Having an IoT platform in itself can drastically improve company efficiency as devices, data and processes can be integrated, enhancing your company efficiency overall; yet having the IoT platform from ATLAStech offers substantial advantages. The ATLAStech x2x platform can be customised as you wish, due to the lack of dependency on the platform provider. As a result, you can save significant in-house costs, which helps achieve a competitive advantage from a cost perspective. ATLAS x2x also allows you to become a platform provider, offering you with the possibility of offering your IoT solutions as a subscription, done either on premise or in the cloud.

Platform Strengths

1. Open infrastructure

The generic data model, stateless nature, building blocks architecture, the possibility of any protocol / device / sensor, multiple setup options (on premise, cloud, multicloud or hybrid), big data or big table capabilities, corporate IT landscape capabilities and business applications (etc. SAP) as well as the option to open it to third party systems (e.g. vendors, customers etc.) and web services illustrate the strengths of the platform’s open infrastructure.

2. Ready-to-use toolbox

Connectivity and protocols including websockets, containers / Kubernetes, sensor and device management, system monitoring, dashboards and reporting, open API as well as security options illustrate the ready-to-use toolbox’s possibilities and ease of use.

3. Endless customisation and extension

As the rights of the platform are handed over to the user after implementation, cost-intensive license models and costly in-house development costs are not only avoided, but the platform can be crafted in a way which suits your services and functionalities. Specifically, any vertical / use case / business logic, data analytics and AI, blockchain and smart contracts, business model and unlimited scalability all indicate the platform’s customizable and extendable nature.

Software Factory’s Role 

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Software Factory is able to develop a digital solution on the ATLAS x2x platform tailored to your company’s particular requirements. Afterwards, Software Factory is either able to transfer your PaaS / SaaS solution based on the ATLAS x2x platform to the cloud or help with entire solution setup on your company premises, depending on what is most appropriate for your situation. Yet even despite Software Factory creating your SaaS solution, you will be the independent service provider afterwards, providing you with freedom to customize the platform as you wish. In the case of maintenance and operational issues however, as your digital partner, Software Factory will be available for any assistance and training along the way.

Software Factory offers:

  • Setup of the ATLAS x2x platform in the cloud or onsite
  • Implementation of customer-specific uses cases as SaaS
  • Maintenance and further development
  • Operation and maintenance of the ATLAS x2x platform in the cloud and on premise
  • Technology and operation training


Download the ATLAS x2x flyer here