Fast and Safe Thickness and Distance Analysis

WALLCHECK for Creo is a tool for fast and automated analysis of wall thickness conditions and distances in Creo parts and components. By eliminating time-consuming manual measurements, time to market is effectively shortened. At the same time, a complete analysis adds safety by detecting critical areas before they cause expensive rework downstream. Compliance with the specified section thickness is guaranteed and documented throughout early stages of product development. Developed along the same geometric data quality guidelines as CHECK, WALLCHECK consequently fulfills the Product Data Quality requirements of the Global Automotive Industry (VDA, SASIG, …).

Learning how to set up and run an analysis is easy. Fresh users benefit from the integrated configuration wizard guiding them to an optimum check configuration. Experienced designers may access the simplified and fast direct configuration. Besides detecting walls that fall short of or exceed the specified thickness, a check for regions within a certain thickness range is possible. The surface based analysis delivers accurate results independently from the configured test grid distance, guaranteeing the high quality of the measurements.

Solid and surface models, as well as imported geometry like Step, Iges, etc., can all be analyzed. In native Creo models, the critical geometry of tapped holes is considered. In assemblies, distances between components can be checked, and a batch functionality facilitates the analysis of multiple models.

A completely revised color-coded result visualization displays the thickness in the 3D model. The feature based visualization allows for referencing results throughout the design process with standard Creo functionality. For each result, minimum and maximum wall thickness, as well as the number of test grid points is documented by feature parameters.

To support a systematic documentation, the newly integrated classification allows every result to be classified into categories like error, warning, etc., as well as for adding comments.

Efficient and quick viewing of results is aided by an automatic zoom and center functionality. Besides listing results by minimum and maximum section thickness, results can be listed by features affecting the thickness. This supports designers when correcting geometry.

Results can be directly revisited at any time without renewed checking, as all results, classifications and comments related to the model can be saved. With one click, a PDF report with result views, section thickness values and comments can be generated.


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Resultatdarstellung im 3D CAD Modell in Creo

Fig. 1: Color-Coded Display of Thickness in a Model

Resultatliste eines Wallchecks in Creo

Fig. 2: Classified Results with additional Details on Causing Geometry

Supported hardware and software:

WALLCHECK for Creo is available for all current supported releases of PTC Creo, PTC Creo Elements/Pro and Pro/ENGINEER.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


Download your SF WALLCHECK flyer here.