Systems Engineering

Systems engineering provides an overarching view of the disciplines of hardware, electronics and software that enables everyone involved in a project to be informed clearly and comprehensibly about every level of activity. If projects are to be completed with the given time, cost and budget constraints, those responsible need the best possible support.

 Windchill Modeler (formerly Integrity Modeler)

Windchill Modeler is a pragmatic solution for SysML, UML and Variability modeling, all integrated within a single tool. Create consistent, high quality models for systems, software and product line engineers to communicate requirements, consider design alternatives and make decisions involving the entire stakeholder community, regardless of their location. Windchill Modeler reduces the time and effort required to design products, systems and software by leading you through the appropriate industry standard diagrams and automating repetitive tasks. It also reduces costs by finding potential problems much earlier and simplifies the design process by modeling the way you build. On its own, Windchill Modeler enables model-based systems, software and Product Line Engineering (PLE).

Features and benefits:

  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with SysML
  • Model-based software engineering with UML
  • Integrated product line variation modelling
  • Simple and powerful variant selection
  • Automated product model generation
  • Extensible meta-model and diagram notations
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Automatic, configurable and extensible model review
  • Profiles, generators and reversers for ARINC 653, IDL3/IDL3+, OMG XMI™, MARTE, SPT and UPDM (DoDAF & MODAF)
  • Fully configurable automatic code synchronization for C, C++, C#, Ada, Java and VB
  • Synchronization with Windchill Lifecycle Manager, Simulink® and DOORS®
  • Automatic document generation
  • Configurable user interface simplification
  • Live web access for model view


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 Windchill Modeler Automatic Code Synchronizer

Automate the Creation of Source Code from Software Designs

Windchill Modeler Automatic Code Synchronizer is an incredibly powerful code engineering tool set that enables you to synchronize models and source code. This helps you realize all of the benefits of model-based software engineering, “the next wave” in software development. Whether you have one or hundreds of users, Windchill Modeler Automatic Code Synchronizer provides unparalleled performance for any size model by running directly on the Windchill multi–user repository.

Features and benefits:

  • Design, develop and implement high quality code in less time
  • Synchronize your system requirements and designs directly with your code
  • Use and reuse, configurable UML code generation Transformation Patterns to deploy best practices and coding standards using the Transformation Development Kit (TDK)
  • Optimize programmer time, achieve greater project control and automatically document your software systems

Windchill Modeler Reviewer

Ensure System Model Accuracy and Consistency

Windchill Modeler Reviewer is a powerful design reviewer integrated with PTC Windchill Modeler. It provides all you need to measure the quality of your design and identify design faults quickly and easily. Active mentoring reduces the reliance on experts by giving every engineer the consequences and strategies associated with each reported error.

Features and benefits:

  • Improve model quality
  • Reduce time spent on design
  • 100+ out-of the box, UPDM, SysML and UML design reviews
  • Browser look and feel
  • Model spell checker
  • Summary reports for management and engineers
  • Detailed reports, outlining errors
  • Fix-it, update of model from within Windchill Modeler Reviewer
  • Active mentoring, detailing the consequences of not fixing errors and proposed solution

Windchill Modeler SySim

Early behavioral simulation saves time and reduces errors

Windchill Modeler SySim is fully model driven: architecture, behavior, simulation, definition and visualization are all achieved with SysML models. There is no need to focus on lower levels of detail such as code generation any longer. Windchill Modeler SySim is a reference tool for validating system behavior and ensures that your SysML model is consistent and formally correct.


  • Windchill Modeler SySim allows all the subsystem users to generate appropriate and intuitive simulation graphics
  • Graphical components are automatically generated
  • Easy handling thanks to forms that allow every user interface for a given simulation scenario to be created
  • Predefined graphical components for the most frequently used functions such as input and output
  • Easy development of new graphical components using the standard Microsoft .NET™ platform
  • Systematic review of complex system behavior, right from the beginning of specification phase
  • Early detection and correction of errors, inconsistencies and unwanted side effects
  • Time savings when creating and reviewing designs
  • Prevention of system errors

Windchill Asset Library

Streamline the Process of Publishing and Locating Project Assets for Reuse

Windchill Asset Library’s highly scalable repository and multi-user web browser user interface make asset publication, management and reuse easy. Quickly define your own catalog structure, asset types, contexts, keywords and states to match your company’s specific domain. Then user and role security protects your catalogs, enabling your asset publication process.

Windchill Asset Library is a true enabler for enterprise scale asset reuse. Its simple, secure and powerful user interface publishes assets to anyone who needs them. Asset meta-data, traceable links and management dashboard reduce the levels of complexity, help you plan for change, and prove real returns on your investments.

Windchill Asset Library also enables top-down, architected modular engineering. Systems, components and services can be specified, handed off for design, delivery and publication, and then passed back for inclusion. This Supplier-Consumer approach uses Windchill Asset Library as the broker in Component Based Development (CBD), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Systems of Systems (SoS) projects. Communication is greatly improved with this common asset request and delivery repository, which is accessible within a team, site or organization, and between organizations.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple and secure web browser user interface
  • Publish, find and reuse
  • Interest registry and email notification
  • OMG Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) database structure
  • File type agnostic
  • Auto file interrogation and documentation
  • Model integration for CBD, SOA and SoS
  • User definable keywords, states and types
  • Reuse metrics dashboard

Windchill Process Director

Windchill Process Director provides a practical approach for establishing, measuring, managing & improving your company’s operational, engineering and development processes. This ground breaking process authoring, management and deployment technology is based on vast experience in process improvement and on real life projects.

Features and benefits:

  • Preloaded industry best practices
  • Rapid and flexible process authoring tools
  • Process, deliverable, resource, risk, technique & pattern consistency and reuse
  • 100% thin client support for all major browsers
  • Project start up wizard for process agility and project plan integration
  • Extensible and highly scalable multi-user repository
  • Rigorous configuration management and access control
  • Process usage reports and automated quality reviews
  • Process consumer metrics, metadata, feedback loop and discussion forums, enabling process improvement
  • Natural Language and Drag-&-Drop process flow designers


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Windchill Process Consumer

Windchill Process Consumer is a process instantiation technology that provides an easy to use and appealing environment for your employees to understand what to do, how to do it, what tools to use, who else to involve, how to avoid associated risks and more.

‘To-Do Dashboards’ and automated email notification embed your company’s best practice processes within everyone’s working day. Progress logging and an integrated recommendation feedback loop then ensure that metrics are gathered and processes are improved.

Windchill Process Check

Windchill Process Check automates the critical review process within your systems and software engineering lifecycles. It responds to changes in files, web pages and configuration management artifacts, as well as emails, QR codes and scheduled events. Review tasks are then automatically allocated to your reviewers and associated with specific checklists from your own best practices. You can also utilize the preloaded checklist libraries, including checklists for DO-178 and DO-254. Full review and audit facilities are also provided within this lightweight, web-based tool to give you everything you need to manage and track your reviews and checklists.

Windchill Process Perspective

A Complete Solution for Your Model-Based Systems and Software Engineering Programs

We have drawn on the systems and software engineering best practices in standards such as ISO 15288, ISO 26550, OMG SysML & OMG UML and merged them with the real world experience of our MBSE consultants to form the Windchill Process Perspective. This unique but proven approach promotes model-based solutions for systems & software engineering, modular design for SoS, SOA & CBD, and model-based product line engineering.

PTC Windchill Process Perspective defines our recommended approach in terms of a framework set of processes which are used as a starting point for gap analysis and evolution into an ideal process for your company. This ideal process is then highly flexible and scalable.

Features and benefits:

  • Tool-independent approach to model-based systems & software engineering
  • Rigor scalability, from non-critical to mission- and safety-critical systems
  • Project or system size scalability
  • Team, organization and partner network scalability
  • Include and integrate ISO 15288, ISO 26550, DO-178B and more
  • Extension to other engineering processes
  • Implementation in a complementary process authoring & deployment tool

ModelCenter Integrate

ModelCenter Integrate increases productivity by enabling users to execute significantly more simulations with less time and resources

ModelCenter Explore

ModelCenter Explore drives innovation and improves product quality by enabling users to thoroughly explore and understand the design space, make better decisions, and find optimal solutions.

ModelCenter MBSE

ModelCenter MBSE enables Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) by integrating engineering models with SysML.

ModelCenter MBSE provides an integrated modeling and analysis capability that bridges the gap between systems engineering and domain/disciplinary engineering. This integrated capability aims to streamline the system development process by enabling collaboration among design teams for defining, designing, optimizing, and validating complex engineering systems.


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