SF SAPchill – Interface Windchill-SAP with IMAP

Interface for Exchanging Data between SAP and Windchill

Companies generate a whole range of product data that is often managed by systems operating independently from each other, for example Windchill PDMLink and SAP. In this case, the PDMLink system manages the data from the CAD authoring systems, among other data, and the SAP system generally only requires neutral formats, for example approved design models in the PDF format. However, the relevant product data also needs to be available simultaneously on both systems and the product data on each system needs to be up-to-date. The solution would therefore be an interface that ensures communication and the secure exchange of data between the two systems. Users will also want to continue working in the systems they are familiar with, but information should also be available across systems in spite of this.

The goal is therefore to guarantee a seamless, system-wide representation of the engineering processes in the PDMLink and SAP systems in order to maintain consistency of the product data generated in both systems throughout the product life cycle. The product data includes documents like CAD models, technical drawings, product specifications, material master data, part lists and change master records. All of this data needs to be synchronized between the systems which significantly improves transparency and efficiency as well as flexibility. In addition to normal operation, the interface can also be used initially to migrate data from SAP to PDMLink.

Thanks to the new SAPchill for Windchill, which was developed in cooperation between the it-motive AG and the Software Factory GmbH, seamless integration of SAP ERP and PTC Windchill applications is now possible as well.

SF SAPchill – bi-directional interface between Windchill and SAP

SAP Interface for Windchill offers you the ability to migrate initial information from SAP ERP to the PDMLink system in the framework of a migration project as well as a permanent link between them during continuous operation. Users can focus on the processes while the technical interface runs in the background and provides data links between the applications. Smooth operation is guaranteed due to the high stability of the interface.

The many years of experience gained by the it-motive AG and the Software Factory GmbH from global roll-outs of SAP and PDMLink systems as well as from the design and implementation of high availability interfaces flowed into the development of the SAP Interface for Windchill.

SF SAPchill – with middleware IMAP from it-motive

The interface offers the following features:

  • A bidirectional link between the Windchill PDMLink and SAP systems
  • Synchronization of document data, drawings (PDMLink WTDocument and EPMDocument with SAP Document Info Record)
  • Synchronization of material data (PDMLink WTPart with SAP material master data)
  • Creation and updating of the engineering BOM in the SAP
  • System-wide change process (PDMLink ECN, SAP ECM)
  • Integration into the PDMLink release workflow
  • Providing value lists from the SAP system
  • Providing the SAP classification in PDMLink
  • Integrated search for SAP material master data in PDMLink based on the material number, short text, or classification
  • Time- and event-based control of data transmissions
  • Migration of SAP data to PDMLink
  • Custom implementations

Supported hardware and software:

SAPchill for Windchill is available for the current and supported versions of PTC Windchill.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


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