SF AGILE – Agile work with PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

SF AGILE for Integrity Lifecycle ManagerĀ® supports agile methods, like SCRUM and Kanban based on the Integrity
Life Cycle Manager. It leverages functionality of existing agile solutions wrapped in a modern, web-based user

Agile methods are widespread and commonly used in software development and requirements management today. Extend the capabilities of your PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager with the SF AGILE solution and profit from the opportunities offered by agile work!

SF AGILE enables you to manage the entire lifecycle in PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and to trace the complete development process by using a combination of both, agile and non-agile, methodoligies. As a result, agile product development can be conducted in a state-of the-art way using the PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager architecture. A modern, web-based user interface allows for a high usability.

SF Agile’s web-based user interface offers various functionalities

The entire agile process can be covered using your existing PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager combined with SF AGILE. Use SCRUM and the SF AGILE Kanban board to manage your sprints in a modern, web-based working environment and profit from lifecycle management adopted to your individual processes!

SF Agile Scrum Flow

SF AGILE can be bought modularly or as a complete package.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


Download your SF AGILE flyer here!

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