Free Add-Ons for Creo for Your Company

With SF Freetools for PTC Creo you get powerful add-on applications for Creo free of charge. Get an idea of the expertise in Toolkit development we’ve gained over the last 27 years.

We’ve got a solution for all of your applications – either with one of our generic add-ons for PTC Creo or with a tailored Toolkit application.

To request a FREETOOL, simply follow the “Request” links and fill out the form so we can send you the software. You can also order several FREETOOLs at a time.

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SF FeatureCount

FeatureCount calculates the feature types and the number of features of the active part or assembly. It allows you to get a quick overview of all feature types in an assembly and calculates the surface area created by each type making it possible to estimate how much material is added by a certain feature making the calculation of manufacturing costs easier.

SF FeatureCount for Creo

SF UnhideDims

The free of charge Creo add-on helps you by correcting entire modules. The tool detects hidden dimensions and product information in 3D parts and allows an automated correction at the push of a button.

3D Bauteil in Creo zur Bearbeitung mit UnhideDims


ISOTOL for Creo is an auxiliary application for the Creo drawing mode and generates ISO tolerance tables without fussing about ISO.

The application looks for ISO tolerances in Creo drafts, which will be listed subsequently in a table. Three different types of ISO tolerance tables (fig.1-3) are available.

SF Freetool ISOTOL

Fig. 1: Variants of ISO Tolerance Table


GEN2PRT for Creo is a module for automatically disjointing family tables. At the push of a button all instances of a family table can be exported to a configurable directory as independent Creo parts. GEN2PRT can be run in part mode on single- and multi-level family tables.


PARAM for Creo is a module for the simplified and standardized handling of user-defined parameters. It has been developed using the J-Link API that is integrated into Creo. PARAM for Creo can be applied in part-, assembly- and drawing mode. It supports you in ensuring a unified placing of parameter values throughout your company. Via configuration files, a set of predefined values can be defined for each parameter.

For each parameter you can define also if only the predefined values are valid or if a free user input is allowed. Furthermore, each parameter can be defined as required (i.e. it needs to be defined in each model) or as optional. Since parameter names are sometimes “cryptic”, a help text for each parameter can be defined. All configurations can be specified separately for each mode, i.e. for the part-, assembly- and drawing-mode.