SF ParametricExpression for PTC Creo

Discover SF ParametricExpressions for PTC Creo – a powerful addon, enabling the investigation and modification of dimensions, parameters and relations from 3D models in a clear and safe way. The display and change editor brings graphical highlighting and a preview functionality for fast modifications. Optimize your design process and raise product development efficiency.

Functionality SF ParametricExpression Editor

  • Grouping of displayed dimensions by feature
  • Centered and highlighted display of dimensions selected in editor
  • Preview option for model can be activated to display effects of changed values
  • Values can be entered as numbers or via calculation rules relating to other dimensions and parameters. This uses the same syntax as Creo’s relation editor. Changed or new created relations are carried over into the model and accessible via Creo standard functionality.
  • Support of pattern creation and modification via editor

Use Cases in PTC Creo

  • Interactive creation of variants from existing models
  • Analysis of parametric relations for unknown models
  • Support during creation or simplification of relations
  • Assessment of design robustness against dimensional and structural changes

ParametricExpressions for PTC Creo optimizes the design process and raises design team efficiency. Support work with parametric models and maximize productivity.

SF ParametricExpression Editor in PTC Creo



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