SF Welding Export for Creo

Automate the programming of welding robots for lot size 1

Robot-based welding with small lot sizes and changing product variants is often uneconomically and the welding processes are performed by welders manually. However, qualified personnel is becoming scarce since welding is also feeling the impact of skill shortage. A continuous digital transformation of the process chain from development to manufacturing with SF WELDING EXPORT for PTC Creo can solve this problem. With this software, a “digital shadow”, a virtual and real-time model of the product and the welding product, is available at any time.

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Robot-based Welding for Small Lot Sizes

Welding requires solid knowldege and longterm experience. To increase automation even for small lot sizes, welding assemblies can be tacked in an upstream manual process before the entire welding process is performed using welding robots.

PMI for the Welding Assembly Directly from the CAD Model

A welding assembly in CAD contains all necessary information to automatically create the welding program in the offline programming system of the welding plant. With SF WELDING EXPORT for Creo, welding assemblies, the relative location of the parts to each other, the used weld seam, the geometric weld paths and more can be analyzed and exported in the WISCON format.

PMI for the Welding Process via WISCON Export

The Wiscon (xml) export contains the following information:

  • Automated Export of Welding Assembly and Components in VRML, IGES, STEP, …
  • Extraction of Welding Manufacturing Information
  • Calculation of Material Thickness, Normal Vectors, Beam Path
Model zum Schweißen mit SF Welding Export für Creo
Ausgegebener Code von SF Welding Export

Product Video

Get to know more about SF WELDING EXPORT in the product video by SF and Valk Welding.


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Model Based Welding now also automated

In machining and sheet metal processing, Model Based Definition (MBD) has been standard for some time. This allows the 3D CAD model to be largely automatically translated into a CAM machining program. These automation possibilities have now also arrived in welding.

TFH Technical Services, Valk Welding and Software Factory have developed a tool for automated offline programming of the welding robot. If the welder still has to take manual action, such as tacking the welding assembly, he benefits from the digitization of the welding information and receives it directly visualized on the physical welding assembly through Augmented Reality.

The trade magazine De Constructeur of MYbusinessmedia Holding B.V. has written an article about this, in which Henk Jörg (TFH) talks about the topic in detail. Take the opportunity and download the article (in original Dutch) for free!

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