Elfsquad – The Product Configurator for PTC Creo & Windchill

SF DesignConfigurator as CAD Configurator between Elfsquad and PTC Creo

Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation require new, automated and agile methods to improve processes between customer, sales, development and production. Automate your product configuration with Elfsquad’s web-based configuration assistant and Software Factory’s Integration for PTC Widchill and Creo to make sales processes for customer specific products with many variants as easy as possible.

Configure-Price-Quote CPQ: Manual Product Configuration in Engineering Belongs to the Past

Through the automation of your product configuration you are enabled to quickly and efficiently create designs in PTC Creo. Automation is perfect for products with many variants and customer specific products as well as for small batch production and lot size 1. But not only in construction, but also in sales you can profit from the functionalities offered by a product configurator. Using Elfsquad’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software, you are enabled to create offers for your customers rapidly including 3D visualizations of the product and precise costing – and all that without requiring resources from the construction department. After order intake, the 3D data and drawings generated for the offer can be used for production without additional expenses.

All users working with Elfsquad’s configurator should be able to find and customize their desired products in the easiest way possible. Based on a clearly defined rulebook, the user is guided towards allowed and technically feasible product configurations. Thus,customized, tailored variants that are plausible and producable are created in an agile and quick way.


Smart and Custom Product Configuration with Elfsquad for PTC Creo & Windchill

Advantages of Automated Product Configuration:

  • Reduction of repetitve and/or complex tasks
  • Automation and optimization of product development using company-specific product and process knowledge (Knowledge Based Engineering KBE)
  • Time savings and error reduction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Efficiency and productivity gains in engineering
  • Adaption of user interface and user experience UX
Elfsquad GUI

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