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GEOCHECK for Creo is the module for testing and controlling the data quality of CAD models according to the VDA Recommendation 4955/1 of the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA).

The certification of GEOCHECK by the VDA guarantees the approval and acceptance of the quality certificate in the whole automotive and supplier industry.

In order to guarantee the interoperability between CAD/CAM systems in downstream processes, the use of test programs for data quality is necessary. This improves design methods and prevents mistakes, respectively aids in repairing mistakes at reasonable cost.

With GEOCHECK, the VDA geometry check module for Creo, the required technical mathematical data quality of the CAD model will be examined and documented step by step during the design process.

GEOCHECK 1.2 was developed in cooperation with BMW and the VDA work group for data quality. The catalogue of test criteria has been expanded to 50 criteria. GEOCHECK meets the VDA-guidelines as well as the guidelines of the European Odette-Specification.

GEOCHECK analyses native Pro/ENGINEER parts and drawings as well as all import models (e.g. Step, Iges, Vdafs, Catia, etc.). In addition to this, it allows the evaluation of models which are processed by other add-on modules, e.g. Sheetmetal.

GEOCHECK offers …

  • Shorter time to market
  • Higher quality
  • Continuous process sequences
  • Competitive advantages
  • Automated routine checks
  • Minimized cost
  • Individual company standards
  • Receiving inspection and quality check of subcontractor data
  • Ceritificate of data quality for customers
  • Safety in data exchange

Curve Criteria:

  • Mini-Curves
  • Identical Curves
  • Continuity of Curves (C0-GC1-GC2)
  • Polynomial Degree of Curves
  • Continuity of Curve Segments (C0-GC1-GC2)
  • Curvature of Curves

Surface Criteria:

  • Surface Patch Continuity (C0-GC1-GC2)
  • Polynomial Degree of Surfaces
  • Curvature of Surfaces
  • Minimal Curvature Radius
  • Degenerated Surface Corners
  • Folding Surface
  • Maximum Number of Surface Patches
  • Mini-Patches
  • Existence of Surface Normals

Face Criteria:

  • Mini-Faces
  • Mini-Edges
  • Identical Surfaces
  • Edge Continuity (C0-GC1-GC2)
  • Unused Patchrows
  • Self Intersection
  • Distance between Untrimmed Surface and Trim Curve
  • Short Surface Parameterisation
  • Edge Alignment
  • Surfaces without Contours
  • Surfaces with Incomplete Definition

Quilt Criteria:

  • Uniform Normal Orientation
  • Quilt Continuity (C0-GC1-GC2)

Solid Criteria:

  • Children of Rounds or Chamfers

Drawing Criteria:

  • Iges-conform Fonts

Miscellaneous Criteria:

  • Regeneration of Failed Models
  • Suppressed Features
  • Datums without Children
  • Identical Points
  • GeomChecks (Pro/ENGINEER 20.0)

Apart from the interactive analysis mode, a batch mode is available in PE-CHECK which allows the test of parts and drawings without visualization. The results of the batch run can be visualized in interactive mode without rechecking the models.

Supported hardware and software:

GEOCHECK for Creo is available for the current and supported versions of PTC Creo, PTC Creo Elements/Pro and Pro/ENGINEER.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


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