Vuforia Studio – Augmented Reality for Businesses

With PTC’s Vuforia Studio, you can easily create and publish scalable AR experiences that transform manufacturing, service, and training processes without much complication.

This allows you to create immersive AR experiences using comprehensive 3D data and insights from the Internet of Things, helping to increase efficiency, create better products, and increase employee safety as well as productivity.

Augmented Reality with Vuforia Studio offers added value not only in the classic field of CAD applications but also in other sectors such as architecture, product design, sales or marketing.

What advantages does Vuforia Studio offer?

  • Reduce development costs: Create content quickly in an intuitive, visual environment
  • Accelerate content creation: Better experiences, faster through efficient reuse of 3D CAD and animated sequences
  • Enterprise scalability: Access and view AR experiences across the enterprise through a single, universal application
  • Provide insights easily: Create meaningful, actionable experiences by seamlessly integrating contextualized IoT data
  • Support for employee innovation: out-of-the-box support for mixed and assisted reality devices

What opportunities does Vuforia Studio possess?

  • Faster content creation: Leverage existing 3D CAD data and animated sequences
  • Optimized enterprise scalability: Select and View Experiences from a Single App
  • Easily deliver insights: Leverage real-time data from IoT and business systems

What services do we offer for Vuforia Studio and Augmented Reality?

  • Workshops and Trainings for Vuforia Studio
  • Creation of an AR application with Vuforia Studio and ThingWorx
  • Integration of AR / VR with Vuforia Studio in the development process
  • Extension of the Navigate Apps with AR features
  • Creation of AR experiences for trade fairs and product presentations
Vuforia Studio
Vuforia Studio Tablet

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