SF universalWORKER

Production of alternative file formats in business operations for PTC Windchill

universalWORKER for Windchill is a modular and scalable plug-in for Windchill. Version 1.0 generates alternative representation formats from existing Windchill objects, processes them according to configurable parameters and can load them back into Windchill. Version 2.0 allows flexible, automated customer-specific editing of content outside Windchill, with the option of further utilising and managing the results in Windchill.

The start of a process is triggered automatically by configurable events e.g. the release of a drawing or manually (events).

The modular construction of unversalWorker consists out of four modular units

  • universalWORKER Plugin
  • universalWORKER Server
  • universalWORKER Worker Engine
  • universalWORKER Upload

The universalWORKER plug-in is registered in the Windchill server. Windchill Service uses this plug-in and registers the predefined events, e.g. release of a drawing. If the predefined event occurs, a request is sent by the plug-in to the universalWORKER server. The universalWorker can be integrated into the Windchill user interface additionally and tasks can be sent to the universalWorker Server manually. The universalWORKER server processes all incoming requests on a first in, first out principle and allocates the requests to one or more universalWORKER servers. universalWORKER Server is a Java process which can run on any type of computer, e.g. Windchill server, due to its low system requirements. The universalWORKER Worker Engine is made up of two components: one for data management and handling and the other for executionable specific actions.

Currently there are three universalWorkerEngines available:

  • universalWorker Engine Alternate Representations creates alternative representation formats of existing Windchill objects.
  • universalWorker Drawing Comparison Graphical compares and evaluates drawings graphically in regards of changes and differences.
  • universalWorker Drawing Comparison Professional compares drawings based on Creo elements and creates a change report automatically.

The component for the data management uses the Windchill Java API and requires access to the Windchill Java ressources. The second component is part of the resource-intensive process. This process should therefore run on a separate server with the required resources outside the Windchill environment. With universalWORKER Upload, representation formats are added as plots or attachments to a Windchill object (WT-Part or EPM Document). The universalWORKER Server, universalWORKER Worker Engine and universalWORKER Upload are automatically installed. The installation of a plug-in on the Windchill server is completed using Ant installation scripts and the registration of the service.

Supported hardware and software:

universalWORKER for Windchill is available for the current and supported versions of PTC Windchill.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


Download your universalWORKER product flyer here!