SF ColorCoding

3D ColorCoding for Geometric Dimensioning&Tolerancing (GD&T)

Use SF ColorCoding and be able to use colors for the fully-automated assignment of quality specifications directly in your CAD model. SF ColorCoding saves your valuable time by removing manual tolerance assignments in separate 2D drawings.

SF ColorCoding allows you to define tolerances and quality specifications with automated color assignments directly in your 3D model. Using Model Based Definition, SF ColorCoding enables you to use the color code in NC and CMM programming tools, such as Hypermill. With all the tolerances being transferred directly, the additional, time-consuming manual tolerance assignment in a 2D drawing is no longer necessary.

Each customer can define individual color and tolerance palettes with SF ColorCoding.

ColorCoded part in Creo

When using a 3D model that is already ColorCoded, our add-on can analyse the used color palettes in addition to the selection and assignment of own color palettes.

Thanks to the easy-to-use user interface, which is directly integrated into Creo, tolerance information can be accessed, assigned colors can be saved and the ColorCode can be removed and restored at the push of a button.

SF ColorCoding is capable of assigning colors of the selected color palettes to single surfaces, features and groups. Additionally, colors can be assigned by

  • layer
  • feature parameter
  • feature type
  • feature name


Download your SF ColorCoding Flyer here!

See the benefits of SF Colorcoding in our customer`s white paper IGS GeboJagema “Model Based Definition: Nice-to-have or must-have for an automated, flawless industry 4.0 production environment”. Download the white paper right here!

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