SF Planning Framework

SF Planning Framework – resource and release planning with Windchill RV&S

SF Planning Framework for Windchill RV&S supports the planning of releases. It considers the assignment of resources to tasks across projects. It uses the integrated data model of Windchill RV&S in combination with a modern, web-based interface including drag-and-drop functionality.

SF Planning Framework

Windchill RV&S (Requirements, Validation and Software, formerly PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager) is the optimal tool for managing requirements and tests in a traceable manner and for implementing process instructions, for example through ASPICE or functional safety requirements in the company.
Our SF Planning Framework based on ThingWorx Navigate supports the integrated planning regarding persons and releases or degrees of completion in the individual projects and sub-projects. It uses the comprehensive database of Windchill RV&S and complements it accordingly. A modern web-based GUI including drag-and-drop functionality allows an uncomplicated use.

The following goals are achieved by using SF Planning Framework:

  1. One can see if all tasks are planned correctly so that the delivery dates of the corresponding builds can be met. Tasks can be used multiple times and can be included in different builds.
  2. You can see whether a colleague is under – or overloaded on a daily basis.
  3. You can change the planning (start and end time of a task, owner of a task) by mouse / drag and drop to fulfill the goals 1 and 2.

The user is supported by the tool by coloring the tasks when goals are violated.

Companies work very differently and therefore use very different data models in Windchill RV&S. During the development process, great importance was therefore attached to providing a framework that takes specific data models into account.