TWX Navigate – SF Technical Data Package Extension

SF Technical Data Package (TDP) Extension for Thingworx Navigate is a role-based app allowing users without Windchill knowledge to extract a requirement-specific set of technical documents (e.g set of drawings) from Windchill and provide it to third parties.

What is a Technical Data Package (TDP) in Windchill PLM?

A technical data package is a set of objects that describe a technical product of a subset thereof. It may contain 3D models, drawings, bills of materials, schematics, product manufacturing information (PMI),  neutral formats, etc. The creation of a TDP in Windchill by workflows usually depends upon a Windchill user interactively applying is expert knowledge and having the required access rights.

SF Technical Data Package Extension for TWX Navigate

Often, purchasing, suppliers, manufacturers, customers, marketing, sales, etc. require data from the PLM system. To relieve Windchill experts and make these tasks executable even for employees without Windchill knowledge, SF TDP Extension for TWS Navigate was developed. It uses TDP standard functionality of Windchill for creating a Technical data Package in Windchill and offering it for download in the Thingworx Navigate App. No Windchill expert knowledge is required. A user of the TWX Navigate App uses authorization and access rights from Windchill, and thus only has access to Windchill data he is authorized for. Hence, data access is fully controlled by Windchill.

Thingworx Navigate Technical Data Package (TDP) Extension

Thingworx Navigate TDP Extension


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