Thing Worx Smart Connected Products (SCP)

ThingWorx Smart Connected Products (SCP) is an IoT platform that allows real-time performance data from connected devices to be collected and analyzed. It is therefore ideally suited to help improve efficiency and optimize energy consumption.

1. Collect data

Kepware, an industrial connectivity solution, supports the networking of various automation devices and software applications. A variety of drivers make it possible to use several protocols in parallel on a single server. This means that a wide variety of flow meters for gas and liquids as well as electricity meters can also be connected.

2. Transforming data into information

With the help of ThingWorx SCP, the performance data obtained can be condensed into information in real time, enabling a greater emphasis on data-driven decision-making. This helps to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability.

3. Fast implementation of optimization solutions

The Smart Connected Products Accelerator (SCPa) from PTC enables rapid implementation. This means that control algorithms can also be implemented on the basis of the information, allowing even more advanced energy management.

In summary, ThingWorx SCP can make a significant contribution to promoting sustainability and energy management by providing valuable data and improving efficiency and profitability.

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