ThingWorx is the world’s leading IoT software platform for the smart, connected world and was specially designed as a completely new solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides the most comprehensive set of integrated IoT-specific development tools offering the most extensive performance capabilities available in industry. ThingWorx simplifies and accelerates the development of powerful, secure enterprise IoT solutions for a sustainable increase in business success and corporate value.


The independent platform from ATLAStech forms the foundation of your digital transformation. What is special about ATLAS x2x is that it does not rely on long-term ties to the platform provider through complicated license models; it allows you to become a platform owner from the purchase. Take advantage of the following platform benefits:

  • Immediately usable
  • Significantly shortened development times
  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Complete independence
  • Open infrastructure
  • Ready-to-use toolbox
  • Unlimited adaptations / extensions

Strategy Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, which builds on it, offer companies completely new possibilities and opportunities for action. The networking of products, sensors, machines, IT systems and people is making workflows, production and working processes faster, more efficient and more economical. Thanks to our expertise as a software firm active in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, medical device, automation technology, tool and mold making, and aviation and aerospace industries, we are familiar with the challenges facing new technologies, the software industry and manufacturing companies. We work with companies to develop the right IoT strategy for them.

A survey conducted by the Bavarian regional subsidiary of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) has identified the areas that need to be most urgently addressed by industry:




Practical example

  • Demo with customer or simulated data
  • Verification of the usability of the data store in ThingWorx
  • Development of 1-3 simple GUIs. Project duration: 5 person-days

Feasibility study

  • Extended demo with customer or simulated data
  • Verification of the usability of the data store in ThingWorx
  • Scope: development of a functioning model
  • For evaluation purposes only; no application test at the customer’s premises
  • Limited in time to the SF development environment
  • Recommended actions for the next steps
  • Project duration: 20 person-days

Pilot project

  • Extended feasibility study with increased complexity and more complex data
  • Scope: up to 10 data stores, 1 process, 1 – 3 dashboards
  • Use in ThingWorx (up to 4 months)
  • 5 licenses for customer tests
  • Use of the platform after development
  • Project duration: 4 months

Solution Development

Although the digital transformation offers many opportunities, it is also confronting companies with clear challenges. New services and business models must be developed for existing and new products, and the development and manufacturing methods and production processes must be digitalized. In a disruptive environment, the development of solutions demands innovative strength, speed and agility.

Software Factory is your innovation partner and helps you achieve market readiness in your own digital transformation. In addition to our specialist expertise in the field of digital product development and discrete manufacturing, we have the software development methods, architectural knowledge and UX design experience necessary to develop solutions to meet your requirements quickly, reliably and in short release cycles.

Hands On Workshop

We close the gap between IoT theory and practice on the basis of simple but fascinating examples: In our IoT workshop, we convey the ideas and underlying principles of the Internet of Things (IoT) clearly and realistically based on practical examples using Lego® Mindstorms and the IoT platform ThingWorx®. Participants can implement and experience key issues such as connectivity, data analysis and predictive maintenance “hands-on” using Lego® robots that are controlled and monitored by ThingWorx®.