SF ModelCHECK Extensions

Check CAD models against standards and design guidelines

Each company defines company-specific model standards and designs guidelines for its assemblies, components and drawings. With ModelCHECK Extensions, the ModelCHECK extends the product scope of PTC® Creo® Parametric™. On the one side it extends the functionalities for adherence to the specifications in the design process and thus ensures CAD data quality and the integration for the subsequent process chains on a broader basis. On the other side the extension of the correction function also allows a targeted, automatic correction of guideline violations. ModelCHECK Extensions is directly integrated into the ModelCHECK interface. ModelCHECK Extensions is controlled by configurable files.

Examples of EXTENSIONS

  • Current UDFs – Checks whether obsolete versions of the UDFs have been installed.
  • Designed UDFs – Checks whether UDFs which may not be designed, have been designed regardless.
  • Weight analysis – Checks whether the weight analysis has been performed.
  • Suppressed components – Checks all levels of the model tree and reports all (program) suppressed components and design elements.
  • Unused symbols – Searches in the drawing for unused (dead) symbols.
  • Unit System – Checks the name, type and units of the current units system.
  • Default Tolerance Type – Checks the current set Standard Tolerance Type (DIN/ISO or ANSI).
  • Layer naming – Checks layer names for forbidden characters.
  • Solid Geometry on Hidden Layer – Checks whether hidden layers exists with SolidGeometry elements.
  • ASM Cuts – Checks whether assembly cuts exist which have an effect on lower-level models.
  • OLE Objects – Checks whether OLE objects exist in the drawing.

Examples of REPAIRS

  • Creation/naming of start elements – Start elements are created on the basis of the report XML file and/or provided.
  • Solid Geometry on Hidden Layer – Hidden layers on which SolidGeometry is used are automatically shown.
  • Views – Missing views are created.
  • Insert Mode – Option to exit Creo Insert Mode.
  • Accuracy – Automatic correction of the accuracy according to configurable values.
  • Din.dtl> – Automatic loading of a definable din.dtl file. If the standard ModelCheck check reports errors on the file.
  • Fonts – Option to change note fonts to predefined fonts.
  • Unit System – Automatic creation/change of the system units to configurable values.

Supported hardware and software:

ModelCHECK Extensions for Creo is available for the current and supported versions of PTC Creo, PTC Creo Elements/Pro and Pro/ENGINEER.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information, or if you are looking for something else.


Download your ModelCHECK Extensions flyer here.