Products and Extensions for PTC Windchill

Windchill provides full PLM functionality in different modules. With the development of special applications, we support you in the automation of your processes. Through integration with other systems, e.g. SAP, we support you in adapting applications to your optimized process chain. Following an analysis of your legacy data and the development of an implementation concept, we use our own migration tools to migrate your data from non-PTC systems to Windchill.

Windchill/Navigate Operation and Windchill/Navigate Upgrades/Updates

The operation and installation of a Windchill / Navigate system requires extensive experience and is usually not economically sensible for small and medium-sized companies with their own employees. This applies even more to upgrades or updates to current Windchill / Navigate versions, as these are one-off activities that require a steep learning curve. With our experienced employees, we offer the operation and / or updates of your Windchill / Navigate system at a fixed price.

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SF universalWORKER

Production of alternative file formats in business operations for PTC Windchill

universalWORKER for Windchill is a modular and scalable plug-in for Windchill Version 1.0 that generates alternative representation formats from existing Windchill objects, processes them according to configurable parameters and can load them back into Windchill.


Automated Validation for Creo, Pro/INTRALINK and Windchill

VALIDATE for Windchill is the smart, fast and automated solution that checks the quality of Pro/INTRALINK 3.x to Windchill migrations and checks the quality of Windchill and Creo version updates. This automated solution makes the time consuming manual checks by designers redundant. Furthermore, the validation can be repeated at any time and the results are documented. The validation report includes a geometric comparison of the drawings. This enables a fast and simple evaluation of the data quality.


Migration of Windchill and non-Windchill Systems

MERGE for Windchill empowers organisations to migrate and consolidate multiple Windchill repositories due to mergers, acquisitions etc. Another business case scenario is a divestiture or carve-out of a corporate division or product where all related product data have to be extracted into a separate Windchill system.


Interface for Exchanging Data between SAP and Windchill

Companies generate a whole range of product data that is often managed by systems operating independently from each other, for example Windchill PDMLink and SAP. In this case, the PDMLink system manages the data from the CAD authoring systems, among other data, and the SAP system generally only requires neutral formats, for example approved design models in the PDF format. However, the relevant product data also needs to be available simultaneously on both systems, and the product data on each system needs to be up-to-date.


Interface of EPLAN Electric P8 to Windchill

An interdisciplinary engineering requires the availability of the accompanying electrical information besides the mechanical data. iEPLAN for Windchill is an integrated, interactive direct interface from EPLAN Electric P8 to Windchil for the assignment of the electrical project data.


Extensions & Custom Apps for Navigate

With Navigate, product information from various systems is made accessible for everyone who needs it for daily work. Navigate includes integrations for PTC Windchill by default and allows access to further enterprise systems (Systems of Record) without coupling or synchronizing them.


Interactive access to drawings, sets of drawings and 3D models without Creo knowledge

Employees and colleagues, who have no experience in using Creo, need drawings, sets of drawings and 3D models in all sorts of neutral formats or printouts for their tasks. With iPLOT/iEXPORT they get an integrated user interface in Windchill or Pro/INTRALINK, which is very easy to use. Thus a simple and protected access to the required data is provided. Objects can be searched, selected and exported in a selectable neutral format or printed directly.


Automatic Creation of Plots

PLOT/EXPORT for Windchill is a modular and scalable plot engine for Pro/INTRALINK and Windchill. Plot files are automatically created after configurable events, e.g. a promote of a drawing. At the same time, an attribute file with the drawing objects’ meta data will be created. PLOT/EXPORT supports all Creo plot formats.