The extensive ecosystem of ThingWorx partners develops and provides smart, connected solutions for all branches of industry. McKinsey estimates the economic impact that the Internet of Things will have on product manufacturers, factories and other complex systems such as smart cities, for example, at 11.1 trillion dollars per year in 2025. If this figure is to be achieved, these IoT solutions will have to be created by a large number of collaborating partners and participants – from sensor and hardware vendors through to independent solution providers and system integrators. ThingWorx provides companies with the technological basis they need to be able to concentrate on the important things that affect their positioning with regard to their competitors and determine the way they work.

Software Factory is a solution provider and system integrator in the ThingWorx partner ecosystem and, as a reseller, markets the entire ThingWorx IoT platform. Furthermore, we offer IIoT workshops customizable to your company’s needs.

IoT with ThingWorx. Unlimited Possibilities with world’s best platform.

With its wide range of features such for application development, connectivity and more ThingWorx is the market leader in industrial IoT. 2018 Thingworx was awarded the title of the best IIoT platform of the year by Berg Insight and IOT ONE.

ThingWorx is the IoT platform that enables the rapid development of extensive applications for the smart, connected world. Its unique Thing Model Framework permits seamless integration with other technologies, including augmented reality (AR) with ThingWorx Studio and industrial connectivity with Kepware.


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ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation lies at the heart of the ThingWorx Rapid Application Development Platform and connects all the ThingWorx components. It allows developers and companies to develop industrial IoT applications all the way through to productive use rapidly in a fraction of the previous development times.

What makes ThingWorx Foundation so special?

  • Model-driven, rapid application design, Composer and Mashup Builder allow developers and users to create high-quality, scalable applications and interfaces with wide-ranging functionality using drag-and-drop without any need for manual program code.
  • ThingWorx offers flexible connectivity strategies (connection/tunneling servers, device/cloud adapters edge servers with SDK) that enhance market opportunities and minimize integration and support outlay.
  • An end-to-end security model (built-in security) simplifies the development and operation of secure IoT solutions. The integrated user administration with role-based access permissions provides additional security for data, users, administrators and developers.

ThingWorx Analytics

ThingWorx Analytics helps IoT developers extend their solutions quickly and easily thanks to real-time pattern and anomaly detection, predictive functions and simulation.

To achieve this, ThingWorx Analytics provides the following standard modules:

  • ThingWatcher
  • ThingPredictor
  • ThingOptimizer
  • ThingWorx Analytics Server

ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities is an extensive out-of-the-box toolset for the easy definition, administration, monitoring and optimization of your networked products for business users.

What makes ThingWorx Utilities special?

  • Device management (provisioning, asset and alert management, remote access, software content management)
  • Process workflow
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer service

ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio is a high-powered solution for creating and publishing augmented reality (AR) applications with a new and intuitive user experience (UX) for companies. It requires no programming knowledge and permits the rapid integration of digital 3D models.


ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity with Kepware is the leading communication platform for the integration of industrial controllers and equipment in IoT solutions.

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps allow enhanced visibility, productivity and performance across the factory combined with easy deployment and pre-configuration. The role-based apps work with KEPServerEX to allow the highest possible connectivity and data visualization in real-time to the people who need it, when they need it.

Which ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are available?

  • ThingWorx Controls Advior – Remote monitoring and troubleshooting of machine connectivity for contols engineers
  • ThingWorx Asset Provider – Remote monitoring and anomaly detection across all assets for your maintenance teams
  • ThingWorx Production Advisor – Real-time visibility and remote insight into production line status and performance for production managers


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