Know-how-protection by simplified models at the push of a button

SF SIMPLIFY for PTC Creo is the easy-to-use and fully automated tool to generate a filled envelope geometry to simplify complex models or to deface their inner details.


SF SIMPLIFY offers several advantages for you and your company:

  • Protection of intellectual property by the removal of sensitive construction, product and development data
  • Creation of simplified high quality models for applications like Digital Mockup (DMU) and virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) to handle large modules quicker and more efficiently.
  • No time-consuming and error-prone manual interaction to select the details requiring removal
  • Reduction of IP resolving time of 90%
  • Outside geometry stays identical
  • Integration into the Windchill clearance process for fully automated conversion using UniversalWORKER (SF product)

SF SIMPLIFY is the tool for all companies that

  •  have to create lightweight models for the dialog between customer and supplier
  •  have to provide their geometric models as product libraries for foreign systems in a revision safe way
  • need simplified models at the push of a button
SF SIMPLIFY Comparison


Download your SF SIMPLIFY flyer here.

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