ModelCenter Integrate

ModelCenter Integrate increases productivity by enabling users to execute significantly more simulations with less time and resources

ModelCenter Integrate allows users to:

  • Automate any modeling and simulation tool from any vendor
  • Integrate these tools together to create repeatable simulation workflows
  • Set simulation parameters
  • Automatically execute the workflow

AUTOMATE the execution of almost any modeling and simulation tool

ModelCenter Integrate provides users with tools and methods that allow them to automate the execution of almost any modeling and simulation tool. Examples: user created tools and scripts, legacy FORTRAN/C++ programs, spreadsheets, mathematical models, databases, as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models.

Do it yourself

Our automation technologies are easy to learn, and most customers integrate their tools themselves. Our most popular training course is only 2-days long.

Automate everywhere

We can automate tools running on Windows, Linux, and Unix.

We are vendor neutral

We do not favor any one tool vendor over any another. We support whatever tools you use.

Share your tools

You can give colleagues, suppliers, and customers limited execution rights to your tool without exposing any of the internal details.

How does it work?

In many cases, tool automation can be accomplished using a simple point and click interface, but more advanced tools and methods are provided if needed..

ModelCenter Integrate Application Automation Graphic

Automating an application means sending it input values, running the application and then extracting output values.

AUTHOR simulation workflows

Once a few software tools are automated, ModelCenter’s drag-and-drop graphical user interface can be used to assemble these tools into a complete simulation workflow.

Create a Flowchart

You can think of a simulation workflow as a flowchart that specifies the order and conditions under which the automated tools should be executed. Just like flowcharts, workflows can contain branches, if-then statements, loops, etc.

Transfer Data

ModelCenter’s Link Editor allows you to specify the data that should be transferred from one tool to the next when the workflow is executed.

Integrate everything

Your simulation workflow may contain tools that run on any number of different computers and operating systems.

ModelCenter Integrate Simulation Workflow Graphic

ModelCenter allows users to graphically create simulation workflows by dragging and dropping wrapped applications from the simulation library and combining them with one another using If-then branches, loops, and other flowchart-like constructs.

Model Center Integrate GUI Link Editor

The Link Editor lets users chain together variables between wrapped applications to provide automated data propagation in the workflow.

ModelCenter Integrate Simulation Tools

Simulation workflows may contain tools that run on any number of different computers and operating systems.

EXECUTE the workflow (automatically).

Automatic execution

When a workflow runs, the individual tools are automatically executed in the order specified by the workflow, and data is automatically transferred from one tool to another (even if the tools are running on computers in different geographical locations and/or running different operating systems).

Multi-run trade studies

Execution runs can take the form of a single workflow execution, or more complex multi-run studies. Multi-run studies submit a table of runs for execution. Example multi-run studies include Parameter Studies and Design of Experiments (DOE). ModelCenter Explore (see below) provides more advanced trade-studies such as Design Optimization and Monte Carlo analysis.

Parallel execution

ModelCenter can be configured to take advantage of the capabilities of modern multi-core computers or to submit trade-studies to high performance computing (HPC) or cloud computing resources.

Model Center Integrate Trade Study Interface

Engineers can submit tables of runs in parallel using a multi-run trade-study tools (parametric studies, carpet plots, and Design of Experiments (DOE)).

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