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Software Factory – The EXPERTS for Vuforia Studio, Vuforia Chalk and Creo AR

Smart engineering, agile development methods and the complete digital definition of the product model enable a new user experience across the entire product life cycle with augmented and mixed reality. This offers companies from various industries and their customers fantastic new opportunities, from smart engineering through smart manufacturing to smart service and assistance.

In addition to the hardware (tablets, smartphones, VR glasses…), the quick and easy creation of content is crucial. Augmented and mixed reality experiences have to be produced easily by content experts and without specialist knowledge in every company. Vuforia Studio and Creo AR meet these requirements and are the only development platforms that allow the creation of AR applications without having to program a single line of code.

If you want to start with the Vuforia platform and holodeck for industrial purposes, then Software Factory is just right for you. We have been a PTC partner for 25 years and have the experience to assist and support you with Vuforia Studio and your CAD data in digital transformation.

Augmented reality applications are also of high value for architects, product designers, sales, marketing and many more.

Vuforia Studio Augmented Reality

Vuforia Studio, Vuforia View, Creo AR and Vuforia Chalk close the gaps between the physical and digital world for the entire product lifecycle.

What opportunities do Vuforia Studio, Vuforia Chalk and Creo Augmented Reality offer?

  • Create AR / VR applications without developing a single line of code
  • AR / VR applications give customers a completely new product feel
  • Quick and intuitive creation of interactive content and user experiences
  • Direct use of existing 3D CAD geometries
  • Out-of-the-box support for current smartphones, tablets, wearables with Vuforia View including Microsoft Hololens
  • Direct integration into theThingWorx innovation platform
  • Integration with Creo Illustrate
  • Visual presentation of additional information (text, graphics, images, sensor values…) to existing real perceptions
  • Useful in the areas of architecture and BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Create product training and manuals in a completely new way

What services do we offer for Vuforia Studio, Creo AR and Augmented Reality?

  • Training for Vuforia Studio and Creo Illustrate
  • Create AR application with Vuforia Studio, Creo Illustrate and ThingWorx
  • Integration of AR / VR with Vuforia Studio in the development process
  • Extension of the Navigate Apps with AR functions
  • Creation of Augmented Reality experiences for trade fairs and product presentations

If you have any questions regarding our software and services, feel free to call us or to contact us here.

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