Wie AR Ihr Unternehmen unterstützt

We are delighted to present Andreas Gallasch from Software Factory as a STEM ambassador for the “MINT Zukunft schaffen!” initiative!

STEM ambassadors are volunteers from companies, foundations, schools and associations who are actively involved in promoting STEM education in Germany.

As role models and multipliers, they aim to inspire young people in particular for the topics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and show them what career opportunities are possible in these fields. Ambassadors give talks in schools, offer internships and workshops or accompany pupils on STEM projects.

The aim is to promote interest and enthusiasm for STEM subjects and professions and thus combat the shortage of skilled workers in this field in the long term. The “MINT Zukunft schaffen!” initiative coordinates and supports the work of the STEM ambassadors and offers them a network for exchange and further training.

Find out more about Andreas Gallasch’s personal commitment as a STEM ambassador in the interview: