To ensure a safe remote access for machinery and equipment via the internet, a dedicated infrastructure for connecting single peripheral appliances of individual clients and centralized gateways for machinery tool manufacturers is offered by the company Innominate. The device series mGuard of Innominate provides with three options (mGuard Industrial RS, mGuard PCI, mGuard smart) a safe and in parallel fast VPN-Connection for the commercial usage in the industry.

The mGRemoteService is a software solution for the usage of the mGuard technology for establishing a connection between machinery and the service gateway as well as supervision and monitoring of the connections of the service gateway. The mGRemoteService consists out of the following components:

  • mGRemoteService Client
  • mGRemoteService Server

The mGRemoteService Client is separated in the components client API with the functions for establishing and terminating the connections as well as a user interface for the interactive establishment and termination of the connections. The implementation is developed in Java and is platform independent.

Fig. 1: System Set Up

Fig. 2: mGRemoteService Architecture

The mGRemoteService Server includes the components and functions of the Service Gateway.
The Service Gateway accepts, evaluates, displays and protocols the incoming connections of the machinery information.

As part of the machinery information, contact information can be entered into a database to ensure that the responsible contact person can be contacted by mail in case of a service case.

In addition there is a reporting function, which can display all service cases with the related information as client, machine, time frame etc. This information can be used as base for cost analysis of the service cases for the controlling department.

The server can be accessed from other clients as well due to a defined XML interface if an integration of the mGRemoteService client of the machine or equipment is not possible.


  • Easy integration of mGRemote Service client
  • Defined XML interface between mGRemoteService client and server
  • Status indication and supervision of the machine and service gateway connection
  • Direct information by e-mail for service cases
  • Protocol of all connections of a database

Fig. 3: mGRemoteService Client

Fig. 4: mGRemoteService Server

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