ZF Classic Planning App

The aim of ZF Classic Planning App is the support of tasks detailed planning at ZFs software development.

The Classic Planning app developed for ZF provides the company with support in the detailed planning of tasks in software development. Thanks to the modern, user-friendly client application, the head of the development team can see how tasks are distributed across individual members in a clear, calendar-like display.

ZF Classic Planning App relies exclusively on the data (tasks) that exist and are managed “in anyway” in windchill rv & s. This preserves the assignment / linking of concrete project-specific tasks with the relevant data of development (eg requirements). The task planning thus remains exclusively in windchill rv & s; only the display of data and information is carried out by the ZF Classic Planning App.

The representation for a team includes not only the project-specific tasks but also the presentation of other non-project-specific tasks or activities of a team member, such as a participation in training. So it´s an easy way for the team leader to see when members of the team may not be available for project work.

For each team member, in addition to displaying his tasks in a calendar view, the utilization per day, week and month is displayed and evaluated in relation to the scheduled working time of the member. This gives the team leader a quick overview in “traffic light display” (red, yellow, green) about under- or overloading of a team member.

In addition to displaying the tasks, it is also possible to reschedule the tasks directly in the calendar view. That is, tasks can be dragged and dropped, the processing period can be changed, or assigned to other team members.

ZF Classic Planning App based on PTC ThingWorx

The ZF Classic Planning app was developed on the basis of PTC ThingWorx and uses the SF developed SF Bridge for communication with windchill rv & s. The app relies completely on the data model of windchill rv & s and does not persist tasks and plan data. Only configuration data is managed in the app.

Authorizations are also only granted to a user in accordance with windchill rv & s. This means the user can see and change tasks to which he has access according to the permissions in windchill rv & s.