Interview: The (Industrial) Metaverse is an interaction of different technologies

In an interview with VDMA, our CEO Thomas Trägler talked about the currently exciting topic of Metaverse, describing the possibilities and use cases from an industrial perspective.

Learn in the interview “The (Industrial) Metaverse is an interaction of different technologies” how the Metaverse will influence the world of work and how we will work together in the industrial environment in the future.

P.S.: Would you like even more insights into the topic of Metaverse? Download our webinar recording “Industrial Metaverse – Hype or Hope” for free. Together with FH Technikum Wien and PTC, we outlined answers to the following questions:

  • What will the future hold for metaverse?
  • What revenue or added value does the hype already generate today?
  • How do you already prepare for the change brought by Metaverse?

Click here to download the free webinar recording: