Vuforia Instruct

By using Vuforia Instruct, your employees can independently carry out work instructions, production processes, as well as inspections, supported by augmented reality. The fully digital and cloud-based solution enables industrial companies to easily create, execute, document and analyze CAD work instructions.

Why Vuforia Instruct?

The AR solution is comprised of three components, ready to use and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • The Vuforia Editor is a secure web-based authoring environment featuring predefined UI elements. This eliminates many of the steps normally required to create AR creations.
  • Through the Vuforia Vantage app, the delivery of instructions to your collaborators is streamlined. Clear communication leads to more efficient execution of relevant steps. In addition, the app allows you to capture data in real time. (Currently available for web and iOS and Android devices).
  • Vuforia Insights is a secured, integrated reporting and analytics portal that provides key stakeholders access to usage activity. Data submission ensures traceability, audit and compliance purposes.

What are the benefits of using Vuforia Instruct?

Vuforia Instruct enables you to improve in the following areas:

  • Quality and inspections
    Poor inspection and product quality can represent millions of euros per year for industrial customers. Augmented reality-guided work instructions improve accuracy and reduce costs such as scrap, rework, defects, recalls and warranty claims
  • Efficiency, safety and agility
    Employees are provided with better information and visual guidance for the tasks they are about to perform, including safety requirements, navigation, comparisons, and verification of that it´s done – and done right.
  • Continuous improvement
    Stakeholders can easily analyze critical data and insights gathered at the front line to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement facilitating corrective action.
  • Customer satisfaction and brand reputation
    Keep your customers happy and loyal by ensuring that they receive quality products on time that function efficiently throughout the lifecycle.

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Vuforia Product

As part of Vuforia’s work instruction solutions, Vuforia Instruct is a complementary offering to Vuforia Expert Capture. The two products can work seamlessly together and can be purchased as a packaged Vuforia Work Instructions – covering a broader range of enterprise use cases. Whether you want to conserve expertise, or use existing 3D CAD data to create work instructions and guidance.

Vuforia Instruct Feature – Step Check™

Step Check™ (beta) is available for all users of Vuforia Instruct. It is used to visually check individual steps in a procedure and determine whether or not it has been performed correctly.
Step Check™ collects sample images for at least one step in the procedure. A Vuforia editor-author reviews the collected images and discards any unusual training images. Using the remaining images, an AI is trained to recognize when a step meets a certain standard and when it does not. When actively used during a procedure, Step Check™ supports the user and automatically detects whether or not, for example, a screw is in the right place during the maintenance of an object.


Download the Vuforia Instruct Product Brief from PTC here.


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