Failure Analysis

Optimization of Processes by Detecting Critical Process Components

Reducing costs and delivering quality in parallel is a problematic goal for manufacturing companies. The market demands “zero defective products” at minimal costs from their suppliers. To be successful, you have to improve your products and internal processes permanently.

A high cost factor is made out of recurrent errors. Errors which could have been avoided, by the transfer of best practices. Eliminating those issues do result in a significant cost reduction. To realize those potentials it is necessary to collect, analyze and evaluate the disorders on a methodical level and to initiate countermeasures.

Based on those requirements Software Factory developed as part of the project “Line 2000”, for TRW Airbag Systems, a tool for the identification, analyses and evaluation of disorders in the production.

The application “Failure Analysis” supports the identification of critical process components which do result in an optimization of those processes.

Fig. 1: Data entry of error case

Disorders, maintenance and reparation of components are captured with the support of a minimalistic and user friendly GUI. There are several reports available for the evaluation of the disorders. The results can either be printed or saved in an Excel file format.

Following Analysis Functions are available:

  • Time dependent evaluations (month, year) with filters
  • Top10-diagram: Bar chart of the fault rate in relation to the type of error or component with filter
  • Top10-diagram: Bar chart of the type of error or component with filter
  • Table of disorder (details view) with filter
  • Table of errors for the change of toolings

The application “Failure Analysis” was developed with Java and runs on all common platforms. The data is stored in an Oracle or MySQL database.

Fig. 2: Top10-Analysis

Fig. 3: Time related evaluation

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