Linie 2000 – Technology in Java™

Assembly Line with Micro PLC Control System and Java Framework

For the project Linie 2000 of the company TRW Airbag Systems a new generation of software to control assembly lines has been developed as a 100% Pure Java application with Java 1.3. Due to the heterogeneous structure of the company network at TRW Airbag Systems the platform independence of Java has become a great advantage. The server components of the system are working with HP-UX, Linux and as a client platform Windows XP/NT comes into operation for the standard office computers. Communication between production line computer and clients has been realized using RMI. The complete configurations of the assembly line and of every single manufacturing order have been stored at the production line computer. For that purpose a MySQL™ database has been integrated using JDBC.

After creating the core components a module for statistics has been developed. This contains statistics of assembly defects, quantities and disposability and in addition four different SPC-cards. For visualization Java2D has been used.

Due to the predetermined liability for documentation of all manufactured gas generators high demands are made to the disposability of the total system. The manufacturing data of all assembly lines will be stored in a central documentation server (PLR).

In case of a PLR breakdown the data will be stored automatically at every single production line computer. If the documentation server will be enabled again, the temporary stored data will be retransmitted to him. In case of the disfunction of the production line computer a redundant computer takes care of the documentation.

Fig. 1: Communication Model

The packaging of a made component can only be started after the physical data storage had been confirmed by one of the concerned servers. This ensures a complete documentation of all delivered gas generators. All mentioned components had been realized by Software Factory and based on a common Java Framework.

Erection lines with Siemens Simatic S7 ™ open loop control allow the connection using Ethernet. As a protocol of communication S7 micro PLC network modules use OSI with TCP/IP according to RFC1006. For the connection between the assembly line and the production line computer Software Factory had developed a specialized Java-Module for this network protocol. Therefore no additional driver will be necessary. By the use of 100% Pure Java the S7 communication module is available for all popular platforms.

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