From July 17 to 21, IoT Summer School 2017, supported by Software Factory and ESR Pollmeier, took place at the university of applied science Vienna. The challenge for the participating students was to transform 25 year old skill cranes into IoT capable devices so they can be used as demonstrators.

Kick-off took place on Monday morning with our CEO Thomas Traegler. Immediately after his short speech, the highly motivated students started working with the skill cranes and didn’t stop until close to midnight. Several teams managed to complete the check of the functions on that first day, some teams already started decoding the grabbers. One group even managed to decode all game modes installed on the machines on day one. Construction strategies varied from changing the control panel only to replacing the entire system with a new one.

With the introduction of ThingWorx on Tuesday, the development of IoT capable skill cranes took another huge step towards success – The software was working on the same day! Furthermore, the first signals were transfered using HTML pages and a Raspberry Pi. And the teams were already planing the next steps.

On Wednesday, our students worked all day long until midnight again. They were able to achieve huge progresses again. All groups had ThingWorx running enabling the first teams to control their cranes with their phones. To document the work of the students we were joined by a film team on Wednesday. Here’s the result (German with English subtitles):


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On Thursday, the majority of the work was needed for application development since three out of the four cranes were working. It turned out that a wide range of solutions was able to reach the target. Even though the projects were already in an advanced stage of development, some team had to work another night shift to finish their work by Friday.

Summer School ended with presentation by the teams in front of a jury on Friday. All students were eventually awarded with a trip to Munich worth 100€ We are looking forward to our Day of Digital Transformation when the results of this great summer school will be pesented in a live demo!

More information on summer school 2017 can also be found on our social media channels on facebook and twitter!

Another report on Summer Schhol (in german only) can be found in the Newsroom of Technikum Wien.