The Plus in Production Management (MES) Based on a Digital Twin

How do you implement a transparent, flexible and extensible MES solution?
Start and visualize reality virtually!

Transparency, quality and efficiency in the production process as well as the subsequent process steps in service and maintenance, are all essentially a question of information and data.

The focus is on the needs-based processing of production and operating data as well as an intelligent process control that supports the existing competitive advantages. Our solutions range from simple data acquisition and visualization to comprehensive Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the entire enterprise.

Two Approaches for Implementing the Necessary Functionality

Individual Programming

You have highly individual requirements and need a customized MES or control and line system solution? We develop, program and implement your specific system on the basis of component-based software development.

The basic idea is to develop an application from existing, easily-adjustable software components in order to achieve the optimal and needs-based solution.

Using the Digital Twin (with MES)

Are you looking for an agile MES or control and line system solution that not only adjusts with you but also maps your systems, states and processes in the digital twin? Where can you make quick decisions to enhance flexibility in production? We develop, simulate and test your processes in virtual space and implement them directly in your production. By using the IoT platform, ThingWorx,  we not only bring teams together, but can also use interfaces to gain insights into the machine and plant processes in real time. The aforementioned process is constructed iteratively and can take place in different stages of development.

This way, we are able to identify your strengths and further expand on your unique selling points at the product and process level. In addition, we are able to select the process model suited to your individual requirements for you.

Production Optimization with the Digital Twin

Would you like to find out more about how you can digitally produce your processes in production? Or how to get a holistic view of all processes? Or how key metrics for your quick decisions such as OEE, SPC or other KPIs are directly readable? From product development, production to service and maintenance; everything is placed on a platform and virtually mapped for greater transparency, productivity, safety and sustainability.


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How is a Digital Twin Created?

A digital twin in product development is on everyone’s lips. Today, in a networked system landscape, we can digitally map all the machines and workplaces involved, people, tools and resources, as well as all states and processes, thereby creating the basis for optimizing the entire production process.

By connecting all IoT endpoints, devices, and physical assets with sensors and acquisition systems, the digital twin is gradually created and automated. A digital twin is born and maps the entire control and line system as well as the MES of your production.

Why is the Digital Twin the Future of your Production?

Thanks to the digital clone, you can not only react in a highly agile manner to new requirements but also implement extensions at any time. Regardless of whether it is new visualization ideas, the construction of an OEE evaluation or more complex possibly the circular economy of the following logistics processes, you can react agile.


By working with images in a virtual space, you will reach your goals significantly faster, and with pinpoint accuracy. Aside from saving up to 50% of time, you will also increase flexibility with the new requirements.

Clients are Convinced

The success of the Industry 4.0 initiative with Digital Twin can be proved: Lorenz was added to the ‘100 Places for Industry 4.0’ by Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg at the end of 2017 because of its new production system. And even within the company, the intelligent production system with the ‘smart’ measuring instruments has been able to foster growth and value creation.

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